DM stands for Damayanti Maris, my name. I am a professional Make Up Artist from Indonesia. DM is also a brand of make up studio. As you know me better you’ll find out some unique facts and values here both personally and professionally. This blog offers endless cool stuff and benefits for whoever you are: make up junkies, clients, aspiring and pro MUA, a boyfriend / husband / father who wants to surprise his loved one, vendors, etc.

As a professional I have a dream team to deliver excellent service and make up concept as client’s desired. As business person I have the best deal to offer for you who wants to be part of our team or business partners. As a community’s founder I am passionately building community of like minded people by consistently presenting edu beauty  such as writing, sharing and conducting workshops. Soon I will publish several books too!

Well, I want to hear from you too fabulous readers! Enjoy and take the benefits as much as you can from this blog. Please feel free to post comment or contact me personally to share what’s on your mind, I shall response shortly. Your better understanding in make up world is my truly success.

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