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What can be better than beauty make up (make up cantik) for this cute and innocent look…..

Started with the advance airbrush technique foundie application followed by neat contouring technique, “slightly” double liner #eyeshadow and red lipstick’s touch the innocent look model immediately transformed into flawless pretty manequin (still dolly look..but not that innocent haha) look.

Completed by “hijab cantik” this make up certainly suitable for any special occassion in Ramadhan month, Lebaran (or anytime). You can have this look by focus on contouring technique and corrective technique on the eyes ūüėČ

Model: Anggun
MUA: Putu Laura (Ola) owner of Swaha Spa
Hijab cantik stylist: Yanti from Swaha Spa

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This type of face has perfect figure for fashion make up because it has everything that “beauty” required already such as flawless skin, almond’s shape eyes, perfectly high nose and full lips.

Unlike beauty make up (make up cantik) that mostly focus on corrective technique, fashion make up is often intended to “exaggerate” or focus on one area to create the dramatic effect. Here, I’m exaggerating “Arabian” or “Lebanese” make up style with a little influence of “Indian bride” for the eyes part. It’s obvious from rainbow eyeshadows + inside out winged eyeliner + black eyebrows.

Completed by “hijab cantik” your imagination will travel to fabulous 1001 nights stories by looking at her….I can’t help it….can you? ūüėČ

Model: dr. Vira Ali
MUA: Damayanti Maris
Hijab cantik stylist: Yanti from Swaha Spa

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